Going back to being normal

kylielang   January 12, 2015  

Now I’m back home I will have to try and not….

Put my tent up in the back yard

Go to the toilet behind a tree

Put coins into the washing machine

Dry myself with a mini towel

Knock on doors asking for water or a place to camp

Eat like it doesn’t matter how many calories I consume

Carry a pack with everything I need in it, on my back

Be constantly looking for Te Araroa signage or checking my gps

Go days without showering

Wear only two outfits

Put purifying tablets into my water

Hang off trees for balance

Walk through puddles and mud

Walk for 30km each day

Get excited over bananas, chocolate and non-dehydrated food

Expect people to walk with me


One thought on “Going back to being normal

  1. Sammy

    Hi Kylie,
    It has been tremendous following your journey and I admire you so much for what you have achieved. Hope you are having a wonderful time now at home ,I am sure you are and it is well deserved. Take care and look forward to the next adventure
    Best regards


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