The Book

I’m Not Alone…The Book

If you get your hands on a copy it will take you on my personal journey walking down the length of New Zealand. I walked over 3,000 km, taking 156 days. At the end of each day I would sit down with my mini ipad and type up how the day went. I would be in a pretty tired state and usually be sitting with my feet up or lying down in my tent. 

So I was recording the walk as it happened and then posting the blogs to my website, facebook and in a weekly newsletter. The book is a recollection of those blogs, filled out with more detail once I completed the walk.

The book offers an insight into New Zealand and the places I walked through. It provides information for those that wish to walk the Te Araroa Trail, explaining what the trail is like and an understanding of what day-to-day life is like when through-hiking. It is also helpful for anyone who is touched by mental health or wishes to do their own adventure and fundraise for a cause.

Once the walk was completed I asked each person that walked with me seven questions to help explain their reasons for joining the walk and how the experience was for them. Their responses are embedded in this book on the day they walked with me.

Here is what is on the back cover:

What started as an idea to walk the length of New Zealand turned into an epic adventure encapsulating the theme “I’m Not Alone”.

After six months of planning, training and recruiting other walkers, Kylie set off in October 2014 to walk the Te Araroa Trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Each day she was joined by someone else to keep her company, share the beauty around them and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Walking over 3000 km provided many challenges that included walking through a lightning storm, heavy rain, injuries and endless mud. While pushing physical limits the walk also providing great rewards of friendships, generosity from strangers and learning how to deal with loss and adversity.

I’m Not Alone is a personal odyssey that will amaze, captivate and inspire.

Book out Spring 2017