Day 15 – Monday 27th October

kylielang   October 27, 2014  

image imageWhananaki Estuary Track, Whananaki Coastal Walk, Woolleys Bay Connection and Matapouri Bush Track

Start Point: Whananaki North Road (1km east of Halvorson Road at the end of the Onekainga Track), Whananaki North

Finish Point: In bush just north of #288 Waiotoi Road, Ngunguru

Distance: 22.5km Time: 7 hours

Today’s walker was AnnE and she has motivated her whole family to join me walking for parts of today. First up there were five and me and we posed on the footbridge to start. What a way to begin. It was special walking across and having the others behind me.

This first track today was amazing. Every turn or high point showed another beautiful bay. Some of these bays had just one house there so they would have their own paradise to themselves. I was blown away and took many photos.

Next up, five reduced to two and we had a road walking section. It still had bay outlooks so had good views. We had some good mental health chats during this time.

Next stop was Anne’s house for a lunch break. All the children were here so it was a busy place. Last track of the day was the hardest and longest so Anne and I tackled that. It had nice forestry with steep parts. A big slip on the trail had us doing the sitting down slide on your bum technique to get down.

We came to the big Kauri Tree, Tane Moana and it was hard getting a photo to do it justice. That was when the two walkers I had met yesterday, Hannah and Marianne came along. We walked as a four the rest of the way.

Today’s walk was really great as I barely noticed the km. Loads of talking and beautiful scenery made for a highlight day on the trail so far.


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