Day 19 – Friday 31st October

kylielang   October 31, 2014  

Bream Head Track, Whangarei Heads Connection, Reotahi Track


Start Point: Junction Ocean Beach Road and Ocean Beach (South)

Finish Point: Reotahi Bay

Distance: 16km Time: 5 1/2 hours

A bit after 8am start and it was all up hill to start. It did mean I could look back on yesterday’s walk and see where I had come from. It also led to great views of where we were going. I taught Liam my stop and look at the view technique to take a photo (that really means a puffing break).

The track was really awesome with a variety of different paths and lots and lots of steps. The legs definitely got a work out today. The views were constant and many photos were taken. There were even a couple of spots to view out that were on rocks that put you high up with huge drop offs that with the wind made us stay close to the rock.

The descent was pretty rapid and I was amazed how quickly we got down. Many stairs to do this so it would have been horrible coming the other way! We came down to Urquarharts Bay and had lunch.

It was then road walking for a bit but this included an ice cream stop at the diary and even a footpath for part of it.

Lastly it was a coastal path to the end of day. It showed a few more beautiful bays and close views of the oil refinery across the channel. Today was a tough one on the legs, thanks Liam for sharing it with me!

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