Day 20 – Saturday 1st November

kylielang   November 1, 2014  

Bream Bay Walk

Start Point: Marsden Point (beach)

Finish Point: Tip Road, Waipu

Distance: 19.5km Time: 4 hours

image image
My shortest day walking today…whipeeeeee!
Up early so could get in the car and drive to Marsden Point. The Te Araroa notes suggest taking a boat but that wasn’t working out for me so the wonderful Liam shuttled me around to the other side. We arrived at Marsden Point and met Kat and her Dad.

Kat and I headed down to the beach with 15km of walking on sand ahead. Tide was out so it was reasonably flat. Moody clouds hung around but we stayed rain free. After a couple of hours we came to a large stream that we had to cross. As it was the only water for the day, we took off our shoes and waded across. The sand was really soft and we sunk down to thigh deep. I laughed my way across.

On the other side we put on our shoes and started walking again. Kat then pointed and said “look”. I wasn’t sure what she meant but looked out to sea. There were Dolphins, OMG! I had been wanting to see Dolphins while walking and now I was. They jumped and played around. I enjoyed watching them then tried to video them. I buzzed after this sighting for ages afterwards.

A little bit further down the beach we came across many birds eating lots of crabs all in the one area. We wondered how they got there.

It was only three hours for Kat walking today. We had a finishing photo and waved goodbye. I decided to walk onto Waipu as it wasn’t far to go. I was only alone for a little bit when Jack (a through hiker from the States) came along. Yay no longer alone, we walked on to Waipu.

Jack had plans to visit the pizza place that was recommended in the trail notes so we went on in and spent three hours relaxing, eating and drinking there. These times make up for the hard walking parts.

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