Day 21 – Sunday 2nd November

kylielang   November 2, 2014  

Waipu, Cullen Brynderwyn Walkway and Bream Tail Mangawhai Walkway

Start Point: Waipu

Finish Point: Mangawhai

Distance: 27km Time: 7 hours

My walker today was Donna, who has flowed over from Melbourne to join me for Day 21. I love that she has come all this way……so awesome!

Donna and I were up at 6am and it was toast and baked beans for brekkie. That should give us plenty of energy! We walked out the door and started with some road walking then some gravel road. We got busy talking and the trail went gradually up and up. We started getting some good views and then headed into a forest track. This was great for adding some variety to our walking.

This part ended with an area that a developer is subdividing and it seems like some of the locals are not happy with walkers going through. There was danger tape across the trail and on top of orange triangle markers. Dogs will bite and private property signs.

We sat on a beautiful patch of grass looking at the view to eat our lunch. Donna’s mum Lois had done some baking so I was in heaven with bacon and egg pie and muffins.

It was then time for some farm walking again going up with a particularly sock-it-to-ya steep part at the end. All was ok as the view was spectacular on the other side. It led to a beautiful coastal path that showed clear water and beautiful golden sand. This dropped down quite quickly to the beach and then it was a short walk to the end.

We rewarded ourselves by dipping our feet in the sea. It had been a really hot day so this felt incredible on tired feet.

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