Day 22 – Monday 3rd November

kylielang   November 3, 2014  

imageMangawhai Connection and Te Arai Beach Walk

Start Point: Mangawhai

Finish Point: Pakiri Beach

Distance: 23km Tme: 6.5hrs


A slow start, walking with Jack, a through hiker today. Road walking to start and then beach with two river crossings. Lunch stop then the tide was coming in so walking on soft sand for two hours. Really hard and tortuous. At end we had a river crossing at high tide. High thigh level. Camping with four other through hikers. Great to share stories and food. Fun night.

4 thoughts on “Day 22 – Monday 3rd November

  1. Felicity

    Well done Kylie! You have had some tough bits, with wet weather and boots and mud, soft sand and the
    hunger and fatigue. Good to have company to share it with and some wonderful views! Hope you are supplied with plenty of energy foods and encouragement. Looking forward to meeting you as you get nearer
    to Auck. Keep up the going strong – it will become easier as you get fitter and fitter but don’t miss out on
    rest and food.
    Do admire what you are achieving and send thoughts your way. All the best.

  2. nancy

    oh I completely empathise with you! you are doing so well and it’s great that during a really tough time you had some “professional” company – would hate to do that stretch alone! You are inspirational. I consider people along the trail, like your through hikers, to be “angels”. Thinking of you and your magnificent effort on behalf of Mental Health.


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