Day 23 – Tuesday 4th November

kylielang   November 5, 2014  

Mount Tamahunga Track

Start Point: Northern end of Pakiri River Rd, Pakiri

Finish Point: Mt Tamahunga

Distance: 16km Time: 7 hours

Very wet tent this morning from the mildew. It is hard to sleep past day break, in a tent when the birds start chirping. Though this is a nice way to wake up. Today I woke up starving. I think the walking is starting to make me need more food.

Today was meant to be a rest day but after looking at what I had planned I needed to split one day in two and skip the rest day. Jack walked with me again so I had company.

Road walking for 3km and then it was steep up on farmlands for another 3km. There were beautiful views and we stopped and rested on a stile part way up for a decent rest.

We then had a forest trail and this is where the mud began and we had loads of ups and downs. The trail reminded me of other trails I have done and wanted to forget. I did a lot of swinging off trees and sliding around. I’m getting pretty good at this now!

I had wet feet all day today and very muddy shoes – it took ages for them to dry out when finished too.

There was a helicopter pad to eat our lunch on. Not long after starting walking again I had a mouse run across my foot. I screamed in surprise not being scared of a little mouse, for sure.

After some steep down hill in mud and then steep up hill in mud, it felt like that should be enough for today but not so as we then had to road walk 2.5km and this was uphill gravel road too. Of course it started raining too.

I stopped at a house to ask for water. Then we reached the next trail and the stairs going into it were steep and just socked it to me. Jack said sit down and he made a hot chocolate. It warmed me up and did the trick to get us motivated to start walking again.

We got 1km into the trail and bumped into Marianne and Hannah who had set up camp on a flat part of the trail. So I joined them there as well. Jack decided to carry on as he was pumped from the hot chocolate. I set up my tent and had an early dinner. It then started raining again so it was tent time. Good to take some rest as it was another hard day.

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  1. Jeanette

    That does sound like somewhere we’ve been before , sorry about all the crap weather we’ve been sending your way. I hope you had a swearer with you.


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