Day 25 – Thursday 6th November

kylielang   November 6, 2014  

Dunn Ridge Track and Puhoi Track

Start Point: Dunn Ridge

Finish Point: Puhoi Village, Ahuroa Rd, Puhoi

Distance: 20km Time: 5 hours

Up at 6am but then it started to rain so I ate breakfast in the tent and waited for it to pass. Carrying a wet tent sure weighs a lot more than a dry one. Hannah, Marianne and I got walking at 7.30am and had a pretty busy road to start so had to keep moving over for cars onto a non existent road verge. It started raining to add to the situation. The trail then headed into forest road and then forestry track. This was mostly up and warmed us up with the on and off rain.

After 10km we then had a track that was mainly down hill but was clay and slippery. I ended up borrowing Hannah’s walking pole as I was having to take it really cautiously. The trail then got really annoying as it would have stiles with markers on it that we would go across but then be on the wrong side of the fence for the next part so then have to climb over barbed wire. This happened a few times and got frustrating. Adding to this was lots of uneven ground walking than had us going over on our ankle. We were all happy when that trail was over.

We then had a short road walk to the Puhoi cheese factory where I got a coffee – my first in a few days so was delicious. We then walked on to our accommodation. We stayed at Lance’s place (Lance walked Day 12 with me). He has a loft and offers it to walkers passing through. We showered and did washing and felt like new people.

It was then off to experience Puhoi Pub. I know I’m always talking about food but they had great burgers and beer. Lance then took us back to the cheese factory and we had ice cream that was delicious. Walking sure creates an appetite!

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