Day 31 – Wednesday 12th November

kylielang   November 13, 2014  

Mangere Foreshore Track, Auckland Airport Road Walk and Puhinui Stream Track

Start Point: Ambury Park Campground, Ambury Rd, Mangere Bridge

Finish Point: Totara Park, Wairere Road, Manukau

Distance: 29km Time: 6 hours 45

Today’s walker was Ann and she also got her friend Mabel to join in the first part of the walk. We skirted mangrove areas and saw a lot of bird life. It was lucky Ann had done some prior walking in the area so she knew the way and this helped when there was confusing construction going on.

The wind picked up and we were blown around quite a bit today. Mostly it was a tail wind but we did get a head wind at one stage and a side one another road. I was getting over my hair blowing in my face.

Ann took off her shoes to walk a couple of parts today. She enjoys walking barefoot and being close to nature. The soft grass would have been nice. A very cool place we walked passed today was an avocado orchard, where between November and March you can go in and pick 5 avocados for yourself. Great idea Auckland City Council.

I had the best lunch so far on the trail today. Ann had mussels and scallops with garlic pita pockets. Absolutely delicious and then she tells me, her husband had collected the scallops by where they live. Very tasty and a coffee to wash it down – thanks Ann.

The feet suffered a lot of road walking today, that went passed the airport. I looked out at the planes and thought of the people sitting in them. Obviously I had sitting down on my brain.

It was then onto walking beside a stream. This is when I started noticing we had no hills today. It was flat the whole time. 29km was still hard due to the hard surfaces. We got rained on by a couple of light showers but the great part was when we finished and had a bit of a sit down, that was when the rain bucketed down. Very lucky!

AND speaking of lucky…..Ann then treated me to a massage. We drove to the mall and I had an hour of luxury getting my neck, shoulders, back and feet massaged. Utter bliss for my body that has been walking 31 days now. I completely forgot all walking pains and felt like a new woman. I can’t thank Ann enough for looking after me so well.

I stayed the night with Nicky, Ann’s friend and we ventured out for Indian dinner and a drive around to get my bearings. It was great to see Totara Park and the area from above. Thanks heaps Nicky – see you for the South Island walking!

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