Day 34 – Saturday 15th November

kylielang   November 15, 2014  

Mangatawhiri River Track, McIntyre Connector, Mercer and Whangamarino Redoubt Track

Start Point: Lyons Roadend

Finish Point: The Weir on Whangamarino River, Oram Rd, Mercer

Distance: 18km Time: 4 hours


Today was a slow start, as I had done a big tramp yesterday and had added an extra 5km, that made today a pretty short walk. So Sue and I lazed in bed a while chatting.

We had a good hearty breakfast and got to the start point. Heading off at 10am is my latest start time yet. The first part of walking today was along a stock bank and it was all about avoiding the cow poo and then wading through waist high grass.

Today I felt emotionally strained and my body was physically tired so the combination was proving a challenge. I knew I would hit a down day somewhere within the 72 days. Today is that day! I rang my husband and he listened to me vent and helped me get back on track. It is ok to not be tough all the time and take moments to admit what is wrong. I am exhausted and expecting too much from myself.

I coped by having some tears, good food (thanks Sue for a great lunch) and continuing walking for a short day and then being taking to a lovely warm house with a friendly welcome. Thanks June, Frank and Brent for letting me stay the night. It is great to feel good again!

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