Day 37 – Tuesday 18th November

kylielang   November 18, 2014  

Hakarimata Walkway and Ngaruawahia to Hamilton

Start Point: DOC’s Hakarimata Scenic Reserve, SE end of Parker Rd, off Hakarimata Rd, SW of Huntly.

Finish Point: Pukete Rd, North Hamilton (Northern end of Braithwaite Park, past the Pukete Waste Disposal Park, opposite Pukete Wast Disposal Centre)

Distance: 22.5km Time: 7 hours

image image
Yesterday Jason walked with me and today his mother, Janine and brother, Ethan joined me for the first part of walking. Kathy from Cambridge walked the whole day with me. It started with a lot of stairs going up. They were well spaced and we hooned up the hill.

The trail then turned into a tramping track and we had a bit of mud and many, many many tree roots. Both Kathy and I had a slip over on our butts.

We bumped into two women running who thought they were on a different trail so we sent them back the way they came. We also came across some bird counters. We made it to the viewing platform and were rewarded with fantastic view in all directions.

Next up was the down hill steps. Millions of them! I exaggerate slightly but there were 1500 for this trail. They were actually not that bad and as we got lower there were waterfalls to distract us.

The Hakarimata Trail ended at Ngaruawahia and we found a lovely picnic spot by the river for our lunch. We were half way through our day with loads of road walking to go. Luckily the day was sunny. Also it was great as Kathy had lots to talk about so I barely noticed the walking.

We walked by the river a bit, passed a golf course and the smelly meat works. The last 1 km we started noticing the body getting stiff and our feet getting sore. We were very happy to be finished.

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