Day 41 – Saturday 22nd November

kylielang   November 22, 2014  

Pirongia South Walk

Start Point: Junction of Pirongia West Rd with Omanawa Stream

Finish Point: A small carpark & stile on Honikiwi Road – it’s approx. 150m west of the junction with Kaimango Rd and by a formed farm track (Gayne Road on the topo map), and approx 27kms west of the junction between Honikiwi Rd & SH 31, near Otorohonga.

Distance: 17.5km Time: 3.15hours

image image

Another early morning and my husband Graeme drove me back to where I finished yesterday. I have been spending a lot of time being transported in cars, lately.

Today I am walking with Aimee who is the sister of my brothers wife. What happened though was a big family reunion as my brother and sister in-law, who live in Australia had flown over to surprise us. It was awesome and made my day. Put a huge smile on my face as I walked.

Today’s walk was short but as it was road walking it was still tough with the uneven surface and feet pounding. We also had to content with fog so got no shots of the view.

The wind was harsh and at some stages we were bending into it walking at an angle or having ourselves pushed sideways. It always seemed like when we went up a hill it would blow against us.

We were finished just after 12pm so I had the rest of the afternoon to catch up with the family.

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