Day 42 – Sunday 23rd November

kylielang   November 23, 2014  

Mahoe Forest Trackimage image

Start Point: A small carpark & stile on Honikiwi Road – it’s approx. 150m west of the junction with Kaimango Rd and by a formed farm track (Gayne Road on the topo map), and approx 27kms west of the junction between Honikiwi Rd & SH 31, near Otorohonga.

Finish Point: DOC’s Waitomo Walkway carpark, Waitomo Village, Te Anga Rd, Waitomo

Distance: 30+km Time: 9 hours
Steff was today’s walker and she and her family stayed at Otorohanga, like I did so we left from there at 7am but had to be driven 27km back to where I had finished yesterday. It was then goodbye to my brother, Arran and husband, Graeme (lucky it is not long till I see them again).

Today’s walk started with farmland and Steff and I chatting lots. It then changed to a forest track and we had to watch our footing and began sliding around a bit. Steff was very good at the sliding and provided me with a lot of entertainment.

After about three hours of walking, we got to the steepest part of the Te Araroa trail yet. I was hanging off a fence, rail by rail going down sliding and shunting into the front of my shoes. We couldn’t believe where the track lead. A photo did not do it justice either.

There was a couple of streams and a knee deep river to cross. It was actually a warm day so the cool water was nice and it washed off some of the mud we were walking through.

As the day wore on, Steff started getting cramp I her quads and then started talking about unfriending me due to the tough walk 🙂 Steff’s last name is Kidd and we worked out she got this day walking with me due to the need to have goat like qualities to handle the ups and steep downs. Steff did Ironman with me in March this year so she is a tough cookie.

The last part of day was a lot of up and then four wheel drive track with slippery clay. We were getting tired and were pretty happy to do the final road walk to the end and see our pick up support families there. It was great to be finished today!

I then managed to catch up with Marianne and Hannah who are walking the whole trail and had walked with me a few days. It was great to reunite and share trail stories. My parents bought me an ice cream too so I was really having a good post walk buzz.

A big day today so I just hope I can recover over night for the big day tomorrow.


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