Day 43 – Monday 24th November

kylielang   November 24, 2014  

Pehitawa Track and SH30 Connector

Start Point: DOC’s Waitomo Walkway carpark, Waitomo Village, Te Anga Rd, Waitomo

Finish Point: Intersection of Mangaokewa North Rd and Mangaokewa Rd, Mangaokewa

Distance: 37km Time: 9 hours

image image

Another early start so I could get back to Waitomo to start again. There I met Suzy and her dog Mischief, who were walking with me today.

We got busy chatting and then wondered if we had missed the stile we needed to go across so had to do some searching. When we found it, a horse was by it and the dog and it didn’t get on so well. Suzy and the dog had to walk up the road otherwise we would have been followed.

We then proceeded to follow a farm trail that was very hard to find the markers and then it went uphill so we were using our hands and pulling ourselves up by trees. The down was steep and not much fun either. Then the worst part was over grown gorse. My arms and legs were scratched to pieces. I got very itchy and came up in welts and a rash. This was pretty painful!

I haven’t used my first aid kit yet but I did today for the first time, to have an antihistamine tablet. It stopped the itchiness, luckily.

We had a lot of stiles and electric fences today. Mischief got a couple of shocks and Suzy got a good one too. Getting Mischief over the stiles was a bit of a mission sometimes. We did a bit of lying in wet grass to get under the electric fences too.

After much more farmland on undulating terrain we came out at Te Kuiti and had a lunch stop at a picnic area. Then walking through the town we saw the large shearing statue.

It was then down to the river with a nice trail that then changed to a forest trail that was nice. It then opened up but there was grass that was over our heads to wade through.

Today was a day of getting lost a lot and having no trail markings and trail notes that didn’t help. So the last part was meant to be a river trail, ended up being a road walk due to not finding the start of the trail. This was hard going and wasn’t a nice way to finish the day….so again I was very knackered! Just another day on the trail.

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