Day 44 – Tuesday 25th November

kylielang   November 28, 2014  

Mangaokewa Road Walk

Start Point: Intersection of Mangaokewa North Rd and Mangaokewa Rd, Mangaokewa

Finish Point: Pureora Forest Park, Barryville Rd (3kms off SH30 & 54 km by road from Te Kuiti)

Distance: 37.5km Time: 6 1/2 hoursimage image

Still covered in gorse rash this morning……there better be none of that today! We had

A bit of a later start and again I had to be driven back to my start point. Today my Uncle Geoff joined me. He had flown over from Melbourne to walk the day. It was all road walking but none of them were very busy roads.

We did come across a couple of nice rapids, great rock formations, angry bulls, two other through walkers (Rose and Peter) and loads of baaing sheep. They were baaing their heads off and it was echoing up the road behind us. I couldn’t work out why and then a couple more paddocks up there was another lot doing the same.

We stopped for a couple of decent breaks and I even lay down at lunchtime. This just made it harder to stand up afterwards. We took off our shoes at lunchtime too. This is utter bliss. I am very easy to please now.

It was great to chat to my Uncle all day and I’m glad he made it over to walk with me – it means a lot. We were pretty happy to be done as road walking is tough going and today was pretty humid and hot. I can’t believe I am on Day 44 and it is only a month till Christmas. Time is flying.

2 thoughts on “Day 44 – Tuesday 25th November

  1. Anne L

    Hi Kylie
    It s been good to read your blogs, sorry about the Tongariro Crossing but can feel your determination to do it again!
    Good luck for the march down the island , My sister in law Margaret may join you at the Fitzherbert bridge for that day,s walk past Massey to Shannon but I have yet to confirm this. Will let you know.
    Best Wishes Anne

  2. SallyRose

    Kylie so glad to hear that Geoff made the distance – well done to you both ! I loved your remarks about simply things make you happy or you are easy to please .. it made me think of my own life and how I keep too many fingers in too many pies and at times do not really appreciate what I have or fully enjoy what I do.. I think that I need to stop and smell the roses. I am busy packing boxes ready to move and realise I have too much stuff .. sending you lots of encouragement for the tough times and lots of laughter for the good times.. enjoy and thanks for your commitment and tenacity as it makes me reflect and be thankful for my blessed life — lots of love from across the ditch – SallyRose and Trevor xx


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