Day 48 – Saturday 29th November

kylielang   November 29, 2014  

Taumarunui Roads

Start Point: Taumaranui

Finish Point: Corner SH4 and Omatane Rd, Owhango

Distance: 21.5km Time: 4 1/2 hours

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The day started with a huge breakfast care of Suzanne who has taken me in for two nights and is an absolute angel. She doesn’t know me but has taken in myself, husband Graeme and Peter too. She has treated us like family and seems to know my every need, like getting clean, washing and food. I am so in debt to her and her husband, Colin.

Graeme then drove Peter and myself back to the BP station where we finished yesterday. Peter jumped on his bike and will ride the 200+ km back to Rotorua. I walked off in the other direction heading to Owhango, doing all road walking.

There was plenty to look at walking through Taumaranui but then the boredom set in. I was walking on my own today due to the Te Araroa website stating this part of the trail was changing….no such luck.

Today was another day, where I had to put on wet weather gear and be rained on then the sun comes out and I dry off, get warm and take off the wet weather gear. Repeat three or four times. I suppose this is a good distraction from the road.

As the road heated up after the rain it gave off a misty vapour that looked cool. Can you tell I didn’t have much to look at today? I did see some miniature horses which made a change from the cows and sheep.

Arriving in Owhango was a good moment as was taking off my shoes. Also finding the cafe to enjoy a coffee and custard square. My diet is really bad right now!!!’

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    1. kylielang Post author

      We miss you too! We had to skip the crossing due to bad weather….so we will return to do it in January


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