Day 49 – Sunday 30th November

kylielang   November 30, 2014  

42 Traverse

Start Point: Corner of SH4 and Omatane Rd, Owhango

Finish Point: Te Porere Redoubt

Distance: 37km Time: 10 hours

image image
Suzanne drove Graeme and myself, back to Owhango and it was sad to say goodbye as she has been so wonderful and welcomed us back anytime.

Vanessa and her parents met us and it was photo time before starting walking. Today both Vanessa and my husband, Graeme were walking with me. The track was flat to start and we chatted away. It changed to four wheel drive track and stayed that way for the next 32km.

We had a group of motor cyclists come passed and a couple of hunters. Later in the day we met two other through walkers, from Germany. Mainly we had the track to ourselves.

We were rained on quite a bit all morning and it was cold too. Yet after lunch it improved and we took off our layers. We only really had one break today and walked the rest of the time.

There was plenty of mud and we had fun sliding on some of the steep up hill. There was also giant puddles that we would go straight through the middle of. It was a day of very wet feet and shoes. There was also a good river crossing that was knee deep. The water was icy cold so we did it as quickly as possible.

After 32km, we came out onto a road by the Outdoor Pursuits Centre. After a short road walk we then went back onto a trail that was overgrown. We were getting pretty tired by now so it was annoying. We walked passed a couple of Redoubts and bridges and then we were very happy to see Vanessa’s parents at the end. They gave us hot soup and we jumped in their mini caravan to warm up. A long day walking!

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