Day 52 – Wednesday 3rd December

kylielang   December 4, 2014  

National Park to Ohakune

Start Point: National Park

Finish Point: Ohakune

Distance: 38.1km Time: 9 1/2 hours

image image
I didn’t get much sleep in a dorm with a couple of snorers. So I was up early and made an early start walking just after 6am. It was nice as there was hardly any traffic to worry about.

My walker pulled out of walking with me today due to her ex husband needing support with his mental health issues. This reinforces the need to raise money for The Mental Health Foundation and raise awareness of issues. I hope they both get the help they need.

Walking on my own today, made today’s walk, the day of breaks. I seemed to only go and hour or 3 km and want to have a sit down. They weren’t very long breaks but I did lie down on three occasions. Today was very sunny so was zapping my energy.

I was plodding along feeling less than ideal, when I noticed I could look to my right and see Mt Ruapehu and look to my left and see Mt Taranaki. Both looked stunning with white caps and the beautiful blue sky behind them. I then had a Police car stop to see if I was ok and if I needed a ride anywhere. It was lovely to get the offer but I turned it politely down and then walked on thinking about how cool it would be to ride in a cop car.

After 21km I turned off the road to a cycle trail called Old Coach Road. This was a great trail that was well labelled and had information boards. A lot of it was in the shade too which was great as it was turning into a scorcher day and I was running low on water. I was pretty knackered but this 15km trail added variety and things to look at to distract me from the pain.

The day finished with a couple of kilometres of Road walking. I made it to the holiday park and still had the energy to laugh when the woman told me where to park my car. I collapsed on my bed completely shattered. Half an hour later I was able to shower and to venture out to get supplies. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

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