Day 55 – Saturday 6th December

kylielang   December 6, 2014  

Waioru to Taihape

imageStart Point: Waioru

Finish Point: Taihape

Distance: 28km Time: 5 hoursimage

Rachel walked with me today and it was beautiful sunny day. Jed had to take his turn as support person which was good as he was walking funny after yesterday’s effort.We got a before picture with the mountain in the back ground and headed off passed the Army Museum.

Even though it was Saturday, there will still plenty of trucks today. The traffic was more due to being on SH 1 but wasn’t too bad. The first hour went pretty quickly and the verge was pretty generous. There were a lot of passing lanes today.

We had quite a bit of downhill which you would think would be nice but was hard on the legs. We got an offer for a lift and heaps of toots and waves today. I’m sure there are people going away for the weekend that will drive passed me today and tomorrow and wonder what I am up to.

We could feel the heat from above as well as reflecting up from the road. We welcomed a breeze to cool us down. It was great not to be rained on and a change to be hot.

There was a bonus today as Rachel wore a watch that was telling us how many kilometres we had done. Once we had made it to 23km we were happy and ready to be done. The bottom of my feet are not enjoying all this road walking. The last 5 km was an effort but as soon as we saw the gumboot we knew we had made it to Taihape. I’m glad I’m not walking in gumboots!

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