Day 59 – Wednesday 10th December

kylielang   December 10, 2014  

Hunterville to Bulls

Start Point: Hunterville

Finish Point: Bulls

Distance: 34 km Time: 6 1/2 hours

image image

Today was a tough day!

I was joined walking today by another Kylie and we started off from Hunterville and talked our way through the first three hours without much effort. My pack was feeling heavy today and my feet started being sore within the first hour.

At around 11am we reached a cafe that was the only real landmark we would pass today. It was great to stop and get a coffee and have a short rest. Today we saw plenty of transporter trucks carrying new cars and plenty of cop cars. Probably due to the long straight roads we were walking.

It started raining and the wind picked up as we carried on and it became obvious that the bad weather was setting in for the rest of the day. It then became horrible as the trucks going passed us sprayed us with water as they zoomed by. I was drenched!

My feet were aching for the last 13km and my right ankle was crying out to not be on a lean any more. I put my head down and plodded on. These are the times when I have to dig deep and remember why I am doing this walk. Why I am fundraising and how much support I have.

Coming into Bulls was such a relief and I quickly went into a cafe toilet to get out of my wet clothes and into dry stuff (one bonus of carrying everything on your back). It was then time for a hot chocolate and to enjoy knowing there is only one more day of road walking to go.

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