Day 61 – Friday 12th December

kylielang   December 12, 2014  

Fitzherbert Bridge to Burttons Track

Start Point: Fitzherbert Bridge, Palmerston North

Finish Point: Gordon Kear Forest, Scotts Road off Tennant Drive (SH57), 5km north of Tokomaru (Western side of Tararua Ranges)

Distance: 26 km Time: 6 hours

image image
Today I returned to the Te Araroa Trail after a week of road walking (I missed out the kayaking the Whanganui River part of the trail so I could walk instead).

It was a rainy morning in Palmerston North. I met Anita and Kim who were walking with me today. Off we went across the Fitzherbert Bridge and headed towards Massey University. There we went along a river trail that took us up behind the uni.

The weather was temperamental and we kept putting jackets on then off then on then off. It did improve for the last couple of hours luckily. We walked along seeing loads of alpacas – must be a good area to farm them.

We walked along Turitea stream a lot today and there were many waterfalls flowing to it. The water levels seemed high due to all the rain in the area lately. There was some lovely views today as we climbed up a lot and heaps of wild flowers every where.

A jaw dropping moment today was when we were walking down a road and we got a bit of a fright when a couple of small rocks rolled down the bank above us. We walked quickly passed, 30 seconds later, this noise happen that made us all turn around. The bank was sliding down to the road. It wasn’t a huge slip but enough to make us feel lucky we had moved on down the road.

The last trail today, Back Track, was a steady climb up and gave us good views. We needed to cross four streams so wet feet from then on. We couldn’t believe we were nearly done as the day had gone quickly.

I was so happy to be back tramping rather than road walking so really enjoyed today. So good to get back out of towns and away from traffic. Yay the Te Araroa Trail rocks!

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