Day 64 – Monday 15th December

kylielang   December 15, 2014  

The Mangahao – Makahika Track

Start Point: Junction of Mangahao & Tokomaru Valley Rds, approx. 12 km east of Shannon township

Finish Point: End Poads Rd

Distance: 22.3 km Time: 5 1/2 hours


image image

Due to certain circumstances my walker couldn’t join me today so I walked by myself and sung “I would walk 500 miles” song in my head.

Today’s walk can be describe as lots of up, a great lookout spot, lots of down, lots of stream crossings, some farm land and then lots of road walking.

It was a really nice trail and I saw plenty of Te Araroa signage and DOC orange triangles. I enjoyed this walk and saw no one along the way so ended up talking to the sheep at the end farm.

Tomorrow I head into the Tararuas……..yay!

2 thoughts on “Day 64 – Monday 15th December

  1. Lynda Mountfort

    I am in Upper Hutt and am a member of the Upper Hutt Walking and Tramping Club. Several of us have been watching your progress with great interest. I see you’re getting really close to our area of the country now. Do you need any companions for this part of your journey?

    Regards, Lynda


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