Day 68 – Friday 19th December

kylielang   December 20, 2014  


Start Point: Otaki Forks

Finish Point: Waikanae

Distance: 25km Time: 7 1/2 hours

Today I was joined by Graeme and another Kylie to walk the Pukeatua Track. We started a bit later than planned due to the thought of walking being unappealing in our state of fatigue. We ventured out to Otaki Forks again and started just after 8.30am.

We got wet shoes straight away in the long grass unfortunately and walked up for a couple of hours. Due to the weather being rainy and drizzly again, there were no views at the top.

It was a very muddy track but we walked straight through it and slid our way down the steep parts. It was good to have the tree cover with the constant rain.

We then had a part that went through private property and came across some wild goats. Then a river crossing and another swing bridge. We walked this track really fast and then got onto the 11km of road walking.

Usually road walking is quite boring but today we had a lamb baaing at us in a whinny way, deer, a pukeko crossing the road, heaps of chickens, turkeys, a gaggle of geese, Romney sheep all distracting us from the horror of road walking.

The verge was non existent and the cars were going fast so it was a dangerous walk into Waikanae. We had a friend of Kylie’s, Brigitte, join us for the last kilometre which was a great distraction as I was really tired and sore by now. It was a great sight to finally see the train station. I have definitely earnt my rest day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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