Day 72 – Tuesday 23rd December

kylielang   December 23, 2014  

Ngaio and City to Sea

Start Point: Ngaio

Finish Point: South Coast, Island Bay

Distance: 24km Time: 7 hours

image image

My last day of walking! So awesome knowing that this is the day that will finish my trek down the North Island. My cousin, Arlo and my husband, Graeme started off with me on some nice river trails. It was another world to the city around us.

We only managed to walk a little bit before we came across a cafe and I suggested we stop for coffee. Such a treat to be able to do it and I was feeling in leisurely mode. After the break it was a good climb that led to great views over Wellington City. It felt so close and looked amazing. We were lucky the weather was playing along and was giving us a sunny, non windy day.

We ended up going through the Botanical Gardens and meeting up with Jeanette who has walked with me already. She introduced us to Doc who joined us for the rest of the day.

The next part was the City to Sea trail and it meandered all over the place and had us guessing a few times, what direction we needed to go in. The hills in Wellington proved taxing but offered great views and photos.

I was starting to get to the happy stage, knowing the finish was near but the trail hadn’t finished with us yet. We had to go up a hill, then down the hill, down a long street and then climb lots of stairs. It was then across the road and through the park to the Te Araroa Monument that marks the end of the North Island part. I gave it a hug with relief.

I then sat down and felt happy to be done and content with the feeling of completion. My cousin had carried a bottle of bubbles for me (along with an ice pack to keep it chilled), that I drank while leaning on the stone monument, basking in the glow.

I then walked across the road to Island Bay Beach to put my feet in the water. Utter bliss! It was then ice cream time. All great rewards for such a challenging walk.

Thanks Arlo, Graeme and Doc for helping me walk the last day.

2 thoughts on “Day 72 – Tuesday 23rd December

  1. ANN LEE

    CONGRATULATIONS our friend. Ive since spotted other Te Araroa walkers now I know the leg we shared. Its great to converse with them. ENJOY your break….and husband ????


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