Why I’m raising funds?

I believe we need to talk more. There is so much that gets bottled up in our heads and pondered upon. I know when I over-think something, I make it worse than it is and when I talk about something it then makes it ok. I handle it better knowing someone else has heard about it and made me vent how I feel about it.

Why I have chosen Mental Health to raise money for….When I was four years old my father took his own life. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and had electric shock treatment. I can’t even comprehend what he went through but I am sad I did not get to know him.

When I was 21, my brother, aged 19 also committed suicide.  I haven’t talked to many people about this and find it hard to type about it even now, though this happened years ago. I have also had past partner that suffered from depression and I did not know how to help him. I know I am not the only one with stories like this and I know I need to talk more about mine and listen to others share their experiences.

The Mental Health Foundation, fits with what I am trying to achieve and I have always loved supporting good causes. Another main reason I have is when you set goals and keep fit, you feel better.  You can handle things better. I can function better and keep negative thoughts away. Exercise clears my head and when I focus on a goal and work away at it, there is a purpose to my days. This walk sets a challenge for me and all those that join me.

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