Section 3 – Havelock to Pelorus Bridge

kylielang   November 2, 2015  

Monday 2nd November, Havelock to Pelorus Bridge

4hrs 50, 20.4km


Chontelle is walking with me today and we started out from Havelock at 7am . It didn’t take long to get through Havelock and we started with road walking. The cars were few and considerate.

We turned off on to gravel road that was 9 km long with beautiful scenery and many bridges. We came across ducklings, horses, deer a baaing sheep and calves.


At Dalton’s Bridge it was morning tea time……the best morning tea for the whole South Island! I can say that, as this will never happen again, Karrie-Ann delivered us coffee. It was perfect and we had a muffin too.

Chontelle and I then entered Dalton’s track that went through farm land and followed along the river. We came across the farm owner and I thanked him for letting us walk through his farm. He really appreciated being thanked and said he doesn’t get that often. So if you are doing the TA and see anyone who has let us walk over their land, please say thanks. It will help keep the access. The farmer told us about the paddock of cows up ahead and we climbed over another stile.

On the next stile a previous TA walker had written a message ” sensual talk for lonely TA walkers. Text 021 0700 508″. We loved it and had a good laugh.

The next paddock was filled with cows that were adamant we were going to let them out the gate so followed us to the corner. They mooed very loud for a video. Thank you cows.


We went over more stiles, through electric fences. There slight diversions to cross creeks where the track was over grown but short, returning to farm paddocks.

We kept going and going with some grass up to our knees, making for tough walking. Uneven ground but pretty flat. The farmers was putting up an electric fence that we just got through so didn’t have to cross it.

The last part was a beautiful track under native bush that came to a swing bridge and then to the Pelorus Bridge camping ground.

A really lovely day walking with variety and sunshine.

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