Section 13 – Lake Hawea to Wanaka (1 day)

kylielang   December 28, 2015  

Hawea River Track and Outlet Track, Date: Mon 21st Dec, Walk 25km, 6hours

It was a very windy night and this tested out the strength of my tent. I got up early as I was walking on my own today (Victoria had torn her achilles so was unable to walk with me) and wanted to get the walking done. It was a very windy start, blowing me around while I walked the couple of kilometers back onto the track by Lake Hawea.


I’m pretty good at judging my food amounts to carry but this morning I was down to only three small snacks for breakfast. My plan was to get to Albert Town and get some more food there.

I started the Hawea River Trail and had heaps of rabbits (at least a hundred of them) scampering off frightened of me as I interrupted there morning chores. It was a gravel track that was very boring. Not much to look at and not much variation in the gradient. This is my least favourite kind of walking and it was even worse, as I had no one to keep me company.

Finally, I came across a Swing bridge just as I was coming into Albert Town. To get food, I would have had to divert off the track so I carried on even though all I had left was about 20 almonds. I ate them one at a time and chewed lots to make them feel more substantial.

I had a few sit downs/lie downs to rest and get an energy boost as I was feeling the struggle. I had a few cyclists go by me, probably wondering what I was doing but I never care when I’m his tired.

As Wanaka got closer, the wind came in big gusts and moved me around on my feet. Having a big pack makes you an easier target to push about. The track improved and was more popular with cyclists. It went by many flash houses/baches that were closed up and not even being used.

I was feeling stuffed with no energy. I finally had Wanaka in my sights. I went straight to the first cafe I saw and ordered food I desperately needed. It felt so good to be finished, knowing rest days were ahead, thankfully.

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