Section 14 – Wanaka to Glenhu Bay (1 day)

kylielang   December 29, 2015  

Glenhu Bay Track Date: Sat 26th Dec, Walk 15km, 3hours 30

Wendy (has already walked with me a day in the North Island) and Graeme (my husband) joined me today as we walked from Wanaka to Glenhu Bay. We started at 8.15am and were done by 11.45am. It was mostly lake shore walking with beautiful views. We passed a lot of cyclists, walkers and dogs.


We went by a coffee sign and I nearly walked off to get one. We then passed a winery sign but it said a 15 minute walk which was too much of a detour no matter how much I would have enjoyed walking after a few tastings.

There were barrels on the side of the track that were filled with water and had buckets floating on top. There was a sign attached stating “if you have a spare moment, please water us. We’re very thirsty!” A good way of getting the public to water the native trees.

We stopped for morning tea sitting on rocks among dried sheep poo, in the shade. It was very dusty and as I had sunblock on my legs the dust stuck to it and I became a nice shade of brown.


The day got hotter and hotter. I kept taking photos and the view was a great distraction. We passed a creek and heard movement. After closer inspection we saw a frog and then more of them. Great to se frogs thriving somewhere still.

We finished by walking through the Glenhu Bay camp ground which had a shop so we got an ice cream each. Nothing beats finishing after a half day and eating an ice cream. I was in my happy place.


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