Section 16 – Arrowtown to Queenstown (1 day) – let’s do it the opposite way!

kylielang   December 29, 2015  

Wakatipu Track, Date: Thursday 24th Dec, Walk 26km, 5hours 50

Today’s walk involved a change of date and direction due to fitting in with the family visiting Arrowtown. Wendy (already walked a day in the North Island) was dropped off at 7.40am, then we drove to Queenstown. Graeme, my husband joined us too.


We started walking a track beside Lake Wakatipu. Not long after starting, we needed a toilet so ventured into a hotel. We ended up going through a maze of lifts, stairs and windy passages to finally find the toilets. Luckily, we remembered to retrace our steps to get out again.

When we got to Frankton, after about five kilometers, we came upon road works so had to work around them. We finally came to a traffic bridge that we walked under and then down to a lovely Historical bridge that was just for walkers or cyclists. We had nice views down the Kawarau river.

We returned back under the traffic bridge and headed towards the river. We picked a nice spot to stop for lunch. It was then a zig zag track up then down again. Wendy is hilarious as soon as we get to an uphill she slows down but then on the down hill she gets her run on and over takes me.

Te Araroa then heads through the Suburbs and has you walking through nice houses on footpaths. Lake Hayes track was next that was three kilometers along one side of the lake. We utilised a chair for a rest stop, and Wendy took advantage of a swing to have some fun on at the lake edge.


We were getting pretty tired by now and headed into a lovely area called the Millbrook Resort that included a Golf course, lagoons, bridges, wagons, baby ducks, pukekos and nice gardens. The end was a road called “The Avenue” that was tree lined and gorgeous shade to walk through.

Lastly, we came to the river just below Arrowtown township, where Wendy had collected two rocks when she first came there. One was for her and one for me, we returned them to the river. We walked up the last hill to see our Relatives waiting at the top of the bank. Peter (Wendy’s husband) handed us a wine each with cherries. That definitely enhanced the finish!

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