Section 2 – Anakiwa to Havelock

kylielang   November 1, 2015  

Linkwater Track

Date: Sun 1st Nov

Day 7 Walk 18.5km, 5 hours

Today started with priorities other than walking. Karrie-Ann, Chontelle and I set the alarm for 4.45am to get up to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup between NZ and Australia. It was well worth getting up as NZ won by 17 points.

We wore All Blacks tops to walk as a celebration and got on our way at 8am, first heading along the beach front. A bush trail went along side the road and had us snapping photos of the view of Anakiwa.

The side path continued and Karrie-Ann and I were motoring along at a good pace. Walking along the road, which luckily wasn’t busy, was made interesting by some artistic letter boxes. There was a camper van, cow, house, a naked barbie doll, an apartment block, and car letterboxes along the way.

We stopped and patted the friendly golden horse who for some reason wanted to lick my arm. It left grass on me and a weird feeling that my arm was tasty (I was yet to put sunblock on my arms).

We tested out a chair at a rest area then entered a track that wound its way around the coast. It was then time for the hill of the day. It went straight up at a steep angle (not natural on the ankles). We took it in stages with lots of turning around to “look at the view”. It kept getting better and better. It was nice to be able to look back over the harbour and see how far we had come today.

We had a food stop at the top and the down side was even steeper and had gorse we had to push through. The thighs and quads started feeling it.

At the bottom of the hill it was a short walk across a bridge and into the historical township of Havelock. A short day walking so we now can enjoy the afternoon relaxing.

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