Sections 5-8 Postponed!

kylielang   November 26, 2015  

Unfortunately, on the 10th November when I was enjoying a rest day in St Arnaud, I got a call to say my husband had had a bad work accident and was in hospital. Once I found out that he had 8 breaks to his eye socket, I knew the injuries were serious and I need to get home. So I booked the first flight from Nelson and spent the whole day getting to Waikato Hospital, where he ended up. He had surgery on his eyelid the next day and has been very lucky not to have had serious brain injury or eye damage. He is improving every day and it will take a few weeks but he will recover fully.

This has meant I have had to miss four sections of my walk. I will return to the South Island on the 8th December and carry on with my original plan from Rangitata River onwards right down to Bluff and Stewart Island (thanks those walking with me for sticking with me). With the missed sections, I will walk them next year to make them up.

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