A sum up of the North Island Walk

kylielang   January 12, 2015  

IMG_2558From Day One…


…to Day 72

Statistics from the Walk

I started walking on 13th October in Cape Reinga and finished in Island Bay, Wellington on 23rd December (72 days later)

52 walkers joined me – seven did more than one day

We fundraised collectively $13,841.72

Accommodation was tenting, cabins, huts, people’s houses and two blissful nights in motels

I followed the Te Araroa Trail

1742.67 km walked

Average of 27.23 km per walking day

8 rest day (not enough!!!!!)

My food was mainly dehydrated or light food when having to carry it. It was great to have home cooked meals along the way. Also a few pub/pizza/pie/doughnut pig outs. I ate a lot of food and had a pretty unhealthy diet but due to high energy output, I remained the same weight.

I managed to keep my coffee addiction (though sometimes instant coffee was my go to)

I didn’t get blisters or any injuries

I did have sore feet and legs regularly (sometimes not able to sleep due to sore legs)

I had one afternoon nap in Taihape

I had many days when I was rained on. I had one day walking in a lightning storm for four hours. I had hail once and wind many days but especially near Palmerston North. I must of had plenty of sunshine too as I have tan lines across my arms, legs and ankles.

I went through two pairs of trail shoes…….holes in heels, tread rubbed completely down

The biggest cost was equipment/gear purchases, phone data to upload blogs, accommodation costs and food

I have one IOU day (Tongariro Crossing) to be done this January

The South Island will be done in a years time and will require sections where walkers will need to commit for more than one day

What I have learnt…..

  • To trust myself. When I felt it was the wrong way, I knew to check straight away as my feeling would be right. I can do what I set my mind to.
  • It is good to plan but it is good to be available to take opportunities that arise. A mixture of both works really well.
  • I discovered that New Zealanders are generous, friendly people.

I am thankful for…

  • Those people that signed up to walk were the right kind of people and I will be forever thankful to them all for helping me get through this tough walk!
  • Those people that gave me encouraging comments and those that helped me out in some way so my walk was enjoyable rather than torture!!!
  • I am thankful for my supportive husband and family who played huge roles in the success of my walk.

 I am blown away by the help I received! Thank you everyone!

2 thoughts on “A sum up of the North Island Walk

  1. ANN LEE

    Hi Kylie
    It is a real treat hearing from you again. Indeed interesting to read your summary.
    I’m sure you don’t need confirmation now you have great tenacity. The range of experiences and resultant emotions will have added to your kete of skills for life. Character building for sure !!!
    Meanwhile the rest of us probably returned to work, still glowing from our contribution.
    Thanks again


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