Two weeks to go

kylielang   October 13, 2015  

Important Facts

Start date: 27th October 2015
Finish date: 20th January 2016
(North Island: Started 13th Oct 2014 to 23rd Dec 2014)
Distance: 1400km+
Walking days: 66 days
Rest days: 21 days
Number of sections: 21 (big breaks in Christchurch and in Wanaka for Xmas and New Years)
Number of walkers: 18
Number of food parcels sent: 8
Fundraising total so far: $14,771.72
Predicted challenges: Snow, bad weather, not having a shower for days, not enough food (hungry all the time), sore feet, missing comforts of home and family.
Predicted highlights: The views, the food, the company, meeting new people, seeing new places, feeling of achievement, fundraising more, meeting other through walkers, being really fit.

Text to donate with logo

Text to Donate

I am running a text to donate campaign to increase the fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation. All you need to do is text WALKNZ to 2446 and a $3 donation will be made.

Or if you prefer, check out my fundraising page to donate a different amount click here. Every little bit helps the MHF make a difference – THANKS!

Tracking my walking

I will be carry a SPOT tracker while walking so it you wish to follow along and see where I am each day, the link is: or click here.

Blog updates

This newsletter will now become my blog updates as I walk my way down the South Island. They wont be every day like the North Island but instead in sections and uploaded when ever I have internet access. I hope you enjoy reading about my walk and the trail. I’ll be sharing pictures of the views so your’ll see what I am experiencing.

Off I go a walking….

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